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Many Satisfied Customers
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3 of our best selling cat toys are the Jumbo Crinkle Ball, Original Crinkle Ball, and Mini Crinkle Ball. Cats love the combination of the Fluffy soft yarn and the soft food grade crinkle film! We do NOT use Mylar when making our cat toys. These cat toys are available in different display containers and they are sure to fly off shelves!
Best Selling Cat Toys
At CanCor we focus on quality, durability and your cats enjoyment. You will not find any glued on parts on any of our cat toys. Our toys are quality made and will NOT fall apart like some others on the market.
The Original Crinkle Ball was the very first item CanCor developed. After rave reviews a whole product line based on the Crinkle Ball was created. The Crinkle Ball line is an all time favourite among customers. CanCor now has many innovative and new cat products available!
Did you know All our cat toys are Made in Canada!!  We source all our materials from Canadian and American suppliers.
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