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Mini Crinkle Ball

The Mini Crinkle Ball creates a crinkle sound cats simply can not resist. The Crinkle sound ignites their natural instincts to pounce, bat and play all day. Cat lovers often purchase ten or more of these little gems.

We have incredibly sold over 100 to an individual cat owners at one time. 

The Mini Crinkle Ball is perfect for cats of all ages. The Mini Crinkle Ball is a wonderful way to keep your cat healthy and active throughout the day. Cats even learn to fetch this toy.


At 1.5" in diameter cats can carry the Crinkle Ball around in their mouth, and choose to keep it close by for instant play.  

Proudly Made in Canada

SKU # 900 Available 50 per display Container  

My kitten loves these! She can carry them in her mouth because they are small and light. She flicks them around and has perfect control. She even places them beside her food dish when eating. She plays with them all the time and gets excited when she hears me crinkle them. These small balls are made with soft material and only a little foil, which I feel is safer.

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