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Cat Lying

About Us

CanCor Innovations Inc. is a Canadian manufacturing company. We manufacture quality panted pet products. Our main focus is on quality, and total enjoyment for your pet. 

Our distributors are working hard to bring our products to you, with sales through out Canada and the U.S.A. If your local pet store doesn't carry our products have them inform their local distributor. We ship world wide. Direct orders are available if you are finding it difficult to find the original crinkle cat toys. 

Business Model 

CanCor Innovations Inc. is a Canadian manufacturing company. We manufacture quality pet products. Our focus is to manufacture a fun line of cat toys, which focus on quality, and total enjoyment for your pet. Our entire product line is Made in Canada. We source our material  from local business' across Canada and the United States. We feel this is important for our economy. By sourcing local we are able to produce better quality cat toys for your furry friends.

We care about your pets just like our own, and that is why we strive to find quality, local materials to sell the safest cat toys on the market. 


CanCor was founded by Frank and Diane Veloce. In the 90s they found there was a lack of cat toys on the market that their precious cat would actually play with. They created a cat toy out of a packaging wrapper and their cat absolutely loved this protype. Friends and family repeatedly requested Frank make them a cat toy for their fluffy friends. After rave reviews they decided to create CanCor. They patented the crinkle ball and started building a business that makes so many cats healthy and active while having fun.

CanCor continues to be a small family run business. CanCor is now run by Frank and Diane's daughter Candice Veloce. CanCor has been serving cats for over 28 years.


CanCor does not use Mylar in our products. Mylar can be toxic if ingested. The colorful mylar bleeds dyes when wet. This is not something we would want to expose our pets to. If ingested Mylar will not pass through your cats digestive system and can lead to kidney failure. 

CanCor uses a food grade acetate film made in Toronto, Ontario. Our soft crinkle material can easily pass through the digestive tract if it is accidentally ingested. The yarn we use is high quality acrylic fibers made in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. When the crinkle ball becomes wet from your cats saliva, we can ensure no harmful dyes will leach out.

All The Hype

The Crinkle Ball creates that crinkle sound cats absolutely love. The crinkle sound brings out your cats natural instincts and they become playful and active. Not only does our crinkle ball offer a soft crinkle element we have also added a soft yarn. The yarn is an added touch because cats can carry around our toy in their mouth without causing harm to their gums and teeth. Move over dog owners, many cats learn to fetch the crinkle ball. We have received countless emails and phone calls from customers raving about the crinkle ball. They often contact us to purchase 50 plus toys just to have a stock pile for their cats. The crinkle ball is the only toy their cats play with so to be without would be devastating. 

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