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Jumbo Crinkle Ball

450B L.jpg

The Original Crinkle Ball has exploded into one big Jumbo cat toy! Cats can't get enough of the extra crinkle sound. This cat toy is 3.5 inches which is perfect for older cats and kittens. More Crinkle, More Fuzz, Biggest Crinkle Ball Ever! 

The Jumbo Crinkle Ball is a wonderful way to keep your cat healthy and active throughout the day. Cats learn to fetch this toy.


Proudly Made in Canada

SKU # 450B Available 12 per bag

My cat is 5 months old and has always been obsessed with anything crinkly, crunchy, loud and noisy. Tissue paper, paper or plastic bags, newspaper. We got him one of those small mylar crinkly balls and he absolutely crushed it flat after weeks of crazy play. I realize he's a big cat now! He needs a more substantial crinkly that I can throw around for him. I found this and it was perfect! I wish it were MORE crinkly and noisy but he seems to love it regardless. I often see him skulking around the house with it in his mouth. It's just heavy enough to throw around for him too. He has not torn it apart and I have not seen anything come off it. We got him another one as back up!

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