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Item 401 Original Crinkle Ball HC Sm_edited.jpg


The Original Crinkle Ball

The Original Crinkle Ball creates a crinkle sound cats simply can not resist. The Crinkle sound ignites their natural instincts to pounce, bat and play all day. At 2.5 Inches in diameter  this cat toy is perfect for cats of all ages.


The Crinkle Ball is a wonderful way to keep your cat healthy and active throughout the day. Cats learn to fetch this toy. They can carry the Crinkle Ball around in their mouth, and choose to keep it close by for instant play.  

Proudly Made in Canada

SKU # 401 Available with poly bag and header card


I'm not sure why these cost so much. They look to be nothing more than a yarn and mylar puff ball. That being said... it's a still a small price to pay as my cat Monty goes BONKERS for these! The 1.5" Minis are too small and the Jumbo is, well, too big. The "Original" 2.5" Cancor Crinkleball is juust riiiiiight! He loves to carry them around, play fetch and push them around with his nose. He used to love the all-mylar foil-type crinkle balls, but the combo of soft yarn with the shiny silver crinkly bits really get his motor running. 

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