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24" Tantalizer Wand

Playing with your cat is a wonderful bonding experience, and has never been so fun. Even if your cat doesn't play with other toys, they go totally crazy over this durable cat toy. It is sure to please.

The Original Crinkle Ball is attached to a 24 inch rod with a 24 inch bungee cord, so you can keep your cat happy and entertained for hours.

Proudly Made in Canada

SKU # 600 Available 12 per display tube


Have you considered remarketing the 24" Tantalizer as an exercise item? I have always recommended it to people who ask for advice with their overweight cats it is also the only toy I’ve found that can reach the speed needed to entertain a young cat. Some of my guys fly through the air after that little ball with no regard for where they might land. The stretchy string makes all the difference

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