CanCor would like to thank everyone for taking the time to write us, and send in pictures.
We love to hear positive feedback about our products so keep them coming!!
 That crinkle ball with him is just about his favorite thing in the world. We had to take them away for a while because he was hoarding them and hissing at the other cats when they'd get near them, but since we've given them back he's been much nicer. 
  When he realizes I've been photographing him chasing that ball around for about 5 straight minutes.  
 She loves the crinkle ball. She carries it around all the time and purrs. And she has conversations with it. And she takes it to bed with her. Sometimes she does all of these things at the same time, like at 5am this morning.     
   Both my cats play fetch with the Crinkleball. We've been given similar toys but they don't last and the kitties don't like them.

Only the Original Crinkle Ball for them
Bigby and the crinkle ball. He cuddles up with crinkle to take his naps, and when he's awake he chases it around the house "talking" to it  
  Truffles really liked his new crinkle ball. It has some plastic-like foil between the pom-pom colors, so it makes crinkly noises when you play with it.  
Buddy loves his Fun n Floss, he sits there and chews for hours!
  I have a Maine Coon cat who is two years old.  Crinkleball mini is the ONLY toy she'll play with!  She hears the crinkle when I roll it in my hand and she comes running!  Then I throw it across the room and she runs and gets it. 

Often, she brings it back to me and we play "fetch." I normally get the Original Crinkleballs at Petsmart, but they're very hard to find.  When I do find them, I usually buy 6 or more of them at a time, so that when she loses the one she's been playing with, I have a fresh one for her. 

I have to trim it down to the size of a mini one because I've never been able to find the mini ones....'til now. Thank you so much for making my cat happy!  

More great Pictures from Nina    

Our little Teacup Yorkie loves his Fun n Floss. We bought the smallest one, and its still pretty big for him, but he drags it around everywhere, so cute!!! What we love most about this toy, is it is very soft, so we can play fetch with him in the house. We don't have to worry about the damage when the toy hits the walls!!!


Snowflake is enjoying her Crinkle Ball with Elastic
   Getting some exercise!! The Crinkle Ball with elastic is the perfect way to get your cats moving  
  Jipsey  is over 40 pounds, and I am o happy he doesn't chew this toy
apart. He tends to destroy mot things we give him, and to my surprise
his Fun n Floss is still around.


Humphrey with his favorite toy, the Crinkle Ball! Wait for it!  
Humphrey - Has anyone seen my Crinkle Ball
This Golden Lab, loves the Fun n Floss. He was one of the dogs we used to test the durability of our Fun n Floss. Turns out not one of our dogs tore the toy up!!!! Great results!!!
A couple employees from CanCor went to play with the cats and donate toys at our local Human Society. We got some great shots of these adorable kittens. They just loved the products!!!!
Guarding the Mini Crinkle Ball. 
  My puppy Wiser really likes his Fun n Floss. He brings it with him everywhere he goes. We have a big pool, and I love how the fun n floss floats. We just play with him all day and throw the toy into the pool. When its wet it has more weight, so its can go really far. Great toy. Wiser really enjoys it :)
Meowmers loves the Crinkle Ball!   

Our cat Cookie has a crinkle ball. It is one of the few toys she will play with at the age of 14. She likes to play at night so we usually don't see her playing  - we only hear the ruckus. But  we find her crinkle ball in different places in the morning  proof that she likes this toy.
Obe just loves his new Fun n Floss!!!
 Sara and Justin-Bowmanville, ON
Ready to Pounce at the Mini Crinkle Ball  

A couple employees from CanCor went to play with the cats and donate toys at our local Human Society. We got some great shots of these adorable kittens. They just loved the products!!!!
Cheech loved his Crinkle DumbBell. He would always have it close by him, and he become very protective over it. Great toy!!! We also buy the Crinkle ball as well, but we thought we would try the DumbBell to switch it up....we made a good choice!!

Tucker really enjoys his Fun n Floss. I'm really happy with the quality of this toy, and the fact that he is flossing his teeth make me happy!!

  Nina with her own crinkle ball.
A couple employees from CanCor went to play with the cats and donate toys at our local Human Society. We got some great shots of these adorable kittens. They just loved the products!!!!

This is Charlie playing with his Jumbo Crinkle ball. He loves chasing this toys around the whole house. He brings all his toys and hides them somewhere in the basement, so we buy a few at a time. When we take this toy away at night because we can hear him playing, he just sits there and meows at the toy, so we eventually just have to give in. He loves his crinkle ball!

This is another picture of Charlie Lana sent in! Charlie is enjoying his Crinkle Ball, a Beer on what appears to be a sunny day! Very cute!
Annabell and her crinkle ball 
Another Great Shot of Annabell
This is my 5 month old kitten, Ginger, and she just loves her Crinkle Ball! 

Thanks, DIANE
Enjoying The Glitter Pom Pom   
  A Buff Tabbies keeping the Crinkle Ball close! 
Xander and the Crinkle Ball 
  Playing Fetch Check out the video!!
The Crinkle Ball is aloud in the Fort 
  Tucker really enjoys his Fun n Floss. I'm really happy with the quality of this toy, and the fact that he is flossing his teeth make me happy!!

Victor's secret paws gifts include catnip toys, a mousie, a crinkle ball, and Temptations!   
  Another Picture of Annabel enjoying her crinkle ball toy
Yay he found his Crinkle Ball
                                                                                                                            My Dog Sparkles loves this dog toy. She plays with it non stop. Thanks for making such a wonderful toy!! 

Soaring through the air to get to the Crinkle Ball  
Ready to pounce at his Crinkle Ball
Snowflake is guarding her Fuzz Ball!
Having fun with his Crinkle Ball with Elastic

Dear CanCor Innovations,

Our 3 year old Siamese cat named Cosmo is absolutely addicted to your toy - the crinkle ball. He loves especially the small ones which he is chasing through the house during his play hours. He also learned to fetch them...some say better than a Retriever would do. Once he is done playing with his toy he then also places it next to his food and chooses it as an appetizer to chew on it. This is why we are going through quite a few of those crinkle balls with him. There is no way to teach him not to chew on the ball...he even loves that part. We gave up and just saw it as part of his dental hygiene to let him chew on it. It seems to work better than any other dental treats as his teeth cannot be healthier as they are. We thank CanCor Innovations for this great toy which keeps our cat happy, active and healthy. We would like to make a suggestion: it would be helpful to have the opportunity to buy a bunch of them in the store to a discounted price...bundle them and sell more!  

Regards, Astrid & Richard Toronto


I don't know if you are the same person I met back in 1993 at the HH Backer show in Chicago, IL.  It was a long time ago and I know you meet many people at the shows, so I know it is VERY unlikely that you remember me.  But I met a man and woman who owned the company that made the crinkle toy.  They were very generous and gave me one of the wands after we talked for a bit at the show.  A couple of years later I was at the show again and sought you/them out to tell them how much my cat and I liked the toy and again I was gifted another wand!  Well, that last toy lasted about 8 years and several cats.  It finally disappeared several years ago. 

In the meantime, I told every pet shop that I went to about the toy but to my disappointment I never was able to find it.  I started going to a new store recently and mentioned it to the owner. Well, I just went in today and there it was.  I bought one and brought it home about an hour ago and my cat has not stopped playing with it.  As a testimonial I can honestly say that this is the best toy I have ever gotten for my cats.  I don't know what it is but they cannot resist it!  It is much better than any feather wand that we have bought as it holds the cats interest much longer.  The only thing that even comes close is a bottle cap, hah! He is sitting at my feet right now begging me to play with him, so I must go. If it was you and your wife I met at the show years ago thanks again for your generosity and for a great product!

Sincerely,  Jon Portland, OR

Hi Frank,  

I just discovered that you must be where my local pet supply stores, Catnip n' Bones and Animal Connection II, are getting these great crinkle balls!
I have a 6 month old Siamese kitten who has loved these since he was 10 weeks old!  They are his favorite toys! He brings the small ones and the bigger ones up on the bed in the morning and puts them down by my face.  He loves the sound of the Crinkle and even if I barely touch it, he comes running!  Aloysius would be a great sales spokesman for your products.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that he is the cutest kitten ever ;)

Aly also loves it when I toss the toys into the air.  We do this on the bed so he has a soft landing but I've never seen a kitty leap so far into the air.  It's tough to get photos because I live alone but I'll work on it.  

I just had a new sofa delivered last week and when they lifted the old one up to remove it, there were about 15 crinkle balls under it!  The new sofa is higher up from the floor so Aly can still slide all the way under it to get his toys.  But, at the rate he's going, it won't be long until he won't be able to do that.  The vet says he'll top out at about 14 pounds!

Thanks for creating a soft to the mouth but crinkly toy that my cat loves!  If you ever need a review, just let me know.  You're welcome to use anything I've written.

Sincerely, Nancy & Aloysius San Francisco, California

Have you considered remarketing the 24" Tantalizer as an exercise item? I have always recommended it to people who ask for advice with their overweight cats it is also the only toy I’ve found that can reach the speed needed to entertain a young cat. Some of my guys fly through the air after that little ball with no regard for where they might land. The stretchy string makes all the difference

Sincerely, Kathleen


My cat Puma is very picky about his toys, and I mean picky, bought him 3 new ones last night, he took one look at them, looked at  me as if I was crazy and went right back to his Crinkle Ball. If I manage to win this month, a few more around the house will not hurt J

Thank you  

Hi -  

Just a note to say that I bought the crinkle toy about six months ago  and could not believe how important it became! One of the two cats  carries it everywhere. He lays it at my feet. He takes it from room to  room. I find it in his favorite places... the window sill, the food bowl  (always right on top of the dry food), and other special places. Thank  you so much for making this item.  

A few months ago, my local pet store stopped carrying the large size.  They said it had become too expensive to carry them. They only have the  small size now. So, I ordered more from a website. They were worth the  price. I realized, as I looked for them on the internet, that I was  actually desperate to find them, because I had lost the one I bought.  I'm heading back to your site right now to order more. I'm not one to  write letters like this, but it continues to surprise me how "crucial"  these little things are! Thank you for creating and selling them. (the  store I go to is Pet Supplies Plus....it's on Roosevelt Road in Wheaton,  Illinois - near Chicago...I'm still surprised they discontinued the large  size).  


The Crinkle Ball:

Hector and Kitty

I hate it. I regret giving it to him, because now he only plays with it between 12am and 6am. I had to confiscate the damn thing 2 nights in a row so I could sleep. Both times, he followed me into the bedroom and watched me close it away and the bed stand. Once he realized he wasn't getting it back, he sighed and layed down to sleep, and stayed there the whole night. I felt so guilty. He chases it up and down the hall way. He pounces on it and bats it around. Sometimes, he over pounces and rolls into the wall, making a very loud THUD noise. It's so cute. But so, so annoying.
Hello Cancor  

My cat won’t eat without a crinkleballs!!! And I am wondering if I can buy a bucket of them from you directly.

Joanne Wilson  BC


Our Siamese cat plays with the Original Crinkleball cat toy.  She plays fetch with the Crinkleball, bringing it back to us every time we toss it across the room.  Just the sound of it crinkling in our hands brings her running from another room to play fetch.  She even plays with it when no one is around, leaving us the task of hunting for it under the furniture.  That's why we bought 6 Crinkleballs. last year.  When she can't find a lost one she sticks her paw into the partially open dresser drawer and digs out all of the spare Crinkleballs, just to watch them drop, one after another, onto the floor.  Last week we bought another dozen Crinkleballs online so we could half the order with another cat-owning friend.

Regards Doug & Dawn