Q: Where are you products made?

A: Our entire product line is made in Canada. We buy our raw materials from Canadian and American manufacturers.


Q: What is the Crinkle Ball made of?

A: The Crinkle Ball is made of Acrylic fibers, and acetated film. We do NOT use Mylar in any of our products due to the health concerns voices by customers. We only use food grade materials in our products, so the fibers will pass through the digestive system naturally.

Q: How long have you been in business?

          A:CanCor has been in business for over 15 years.

Q: Where can I find your products?

A: You can find our products in many independent pet shops across Canada. Pet Vale, Giant Tiger, PJ Pets

Q: I have a Crinkle ball on a wand, and I would like a newer toy to attached to the wand. Do I have to buy a whole new toy, or do you have replacements?

A: We offer replacement toys for your wands, so you are able to change the toys as often as you like. We offer Crinkle Ball, Glow Pom, and Mini Crinkleball as Add on toys! Follow the link for more information……..

Q: My cat is very overweight, what products do you suggest for her?

A: If your cat is overweight we would suggest the want toys. Lets face it, fat cats are lazy, so when you can tease you cats with our wand toys this will intrigue your cat and keep them playing so then don’t get lazy on their own. Cats are natural hunters so when they see the toys moving they will attack. Tease your cat often with our interactive toys, and monitor their caloric intake for a successful fitness regime.

Q: Regarding your Pom Pom Critter line, should I be concerned about my cat swallowing the smaller pieces such as the eyes?

A: Not at all! Our Pom Pom Critter line doesn’t contain small glues on parts. All the components that make up the face like the eyes, nose, and the mouth, are not glues on, so there is no cause for concern.

Our products do not contain any toxic chemicals. Because we make our products in Canada and because our suppliers are in Canada and the USA we can work closely with them to ensure we get the quality we pay for. Including no harmful or toxic chemicals, and NO recalls! We would never release a product that is unsafe.

Q: Is the CrinkleBall safe for my little puppy?

A: Yes the crinkle ball is safe for smaller breeds of puppies. Many of the little puppies we have given our cat toys to, have loved our products.